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Daimler Dingo Recon Vehicle for Forgotten Hope mod

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Project info:

     Title:1942 United Kingdom Daimler "Dingo" Mk II Reconnaissance Vehicle, "Desert Rats" outfit
     Date: Fall 2005
     Software: Lightwave, Photoshop, Battlefield 2
     Responsibility: Model, UV, color map, normal map, specular map, importing into game engine and coding
     Statistics: 3530 triangle main mesh, ~17k triangle cockpit mesh, 2048x1024 color map, 2048x1024 tangent space normal map, 2048x1024 specular map
     Texture Links: Exterior | Interior
     Notes: This project was made for the Forgotten Hope mod for EA/DICE's Battlefield 2. This was my first project for them.
    This nimble four-wheel drive vehicle can be used for quick transportation across the map. The passenger can utilize a mounted Bren light machine gun for light anti-infantry work.

James O'Donnell - jeodonnell@gmail.com - (425) 891 - 9688