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1942 Italian Infantryman (African theater)

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Project info:

     Title: 1942 Italian Infantryman (African theater)
     Date: Spring 2007
     Software: Lightwave, 3dsmax, ZBrush
     Responsibility: Modeling, UVs, ZBrush detail, texture, rigging, importing to game engine
     Statistics: 3976 triangles for light characater, 4383 for heavy character with jacket (both including 1160 triangle head,) average 2000 triangles for kit parts (depending on class,) shared 1024x1024 texture map for main body, 1024x512 texture map for heavy jacket, 512x256 texture map for head, shared 2048x2048 texture map for kit parts
     Texture Links: Shared body | Jacket | Face | Kit Parts
     Notes: The weapons shown are by fellow members of the Forgotten Hope team.
This project was made for the Forgotten Hope mod for EA/DICE's Battlefield 2.
    These soldiers are wearing the North African theater uniforms of the Italian army from the early 1940s. The production renders show two variations - one character is shown wearing the sahariana jacket with the Rifleman Assault kit, while the other is just wearing the gray-green cotton undershirt and is equipped with the Machine Gunner's kit. The five-character spread shows, from left to right, the Recon kit, the NCO kit, the Machine Gunner kit, the Engineer kit, and the SMG Assault kit. The Rifleman and SMG characters are both shown with black capercaillie feathers attached to their helmets, indicating they are part of the elite "Bersaglieri" regiments.

James O'Donnell - jeodonnell@gmail.com - (425) 891 - 9688