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Vertex calculator

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I developed this script for my fellow artists at Valkyrie Entertainment. We were working on an outsourced art project for another company using Unreal 3 tech, and they would run a validation script internally to check for vertex bloat in meshes. Artists typically only see the Max vertex count, which naturally does not correspond with the real in-game vertex count. While the artist can check their vertex count by exporting their mesh to .ase format and importing it into UEd, this is cumbersome and time-consuming. I wrote this script so the artist could quickly check the projected in-game vertex count of their object. This script creates a temporary working copy of the selected object in Max and stores a list of the UV islands for the selected channels. It then detaches each UV island in each UV channel as well as each smoothing group (assuming these options are checked) and then reports statistics on this data back to the artist.

Please feel free to use or modify this script as you see fit.

Download the script!

James O'Donnell - jeodonnell@gmail.com - (425) 891 - 9688